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Collings Foundation's Messerschmitt Me 262 B-1C "White 1"

Judge Lou Werner, the original owner of "White 1" (N262AZ), took delivery of his aircraft on June 11, 2006. Test pilot Wolf Czaia gave Judge Werner a ride in the back seat that Saturday afternoon. Following the 35-minute ride, Judge Werner commented that he thought it was great. "White 1" departed at about 1400, Sunday afternoon, 6/11/06, with Wolf Czaia at the controls. "White 1" was accompanied by a Cessna Citation piloted by Lynn Harpham with Judge Lou Werner and Mike Anderson, the project's crew chief, on board.

The "c" suffix refers to the new J-85 power plant and has been informally assigned with the approval of the Messerschmitt Foundation in Germany. "A" models, which signified installation of the Jumo 004 engine. Experimental "B" models used the BMW 003 power plant, leaving "C" as the next unassigned letter.

During the war, all operational Me 262As were single seaters; A-1a were the standard interceptor version used by JG units, A-2a were the fighter-bomber version used by KG units,  A-5a were recon versions, K-3a and K-4a were trial and experimental models, B-1a were two seat conversion trainers (15 units built), B-1a/U1 were night fighters converted from B-1a's (temporary solution, 7 units converted), B-2a were definitive night fighter versions (1 unit built before the war ended).

The B-2a version was stretched so that twin standard "tubs" would fit into the mid fuselage section, the aft fuselage remaining a standard A model unit. The C models were point defense interceptors using bi-fuel rockets to supplement the jet engines.

"White 1" arrived at Sanders Aeronautics, at Eagles Nest airport in Ione, California, in August of 2006 for additional modifications and restoration work and is now owned by the Collings Foundation. John Penney took the Me 262 up for it's first test flight after a 5 year restoration at Sanders Aeronautics on June 2, 2011 to begin a 25 hour test flight profile.

Me 262 Replica Return to Eagles Nest

Me 262 Replica First Flight In-cockpit Video with Audio

Me 262 Replica First Flight Take-off Video

Me 262 Replica 100% Run

Me 262 Replica In-Cockpit 100% Run

Me 262 90% Taxi Video

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