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Guido Zuccoli's Fiat G-59-4B "Ciao Bella"

During World War II, many countries developed fighters and Italy built a number of including this G-59-4B by Fiat. This fighter served with the ITAF Flight Test Wing as 'RS-25', where it was often flown by one of Italy's best display pilots of all time, Riccardo Peracchi,

After the war, this unrestored fighter was under the ownership of Museo Storico dell' Aeronautica Militaire and was stored at Practica d'Mare AB, Italy. In November 1983 it was auctioned off as a derelict - Guido Zuccoli of Darwin NT, Australia won the bid. In 1984, Guido had this rare fighter shipped to Chino for restoration by Sanders Aircraft.

The aircraft was rebuilt and fitted with a Merlin engine overhauled by Zeuschel Engines. When the work was completed in July 1987, it was registered in Guido's name as NX59B and given the name "Ciao Bella", which in Italian means "Beautiful Woman". "Ciao Bella" was flown to Oshkosh the same year winning the Lindbergh Award for Judges Choice.

"Ciao Bella" was then shipped to Guido Zuccoli in Australia and registered VH-LIZ, being initially displayed in a metallic grey postwar scheme. Guido decided that this would change radically due to the irritating frequency of the aircraft being mistaken for a P-51 Mustang and was changed to a wholly fictional camouflage scheme resembling a WWII Macchi fighter of the 51 Stormo.

This Fiat G-59-4B is the sole active airworthy example in the world and is able to be operated in either a single or two seat configuration after a relatively straight-forward conversion process.

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