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Sanders Aeronautics is an industry leader in the restoration of warbird and vintage aircraft. We have a dedicated staff with over 35 years of experience to serve your warbird and vintage aircraft restoration and maintenance needs. Whether its an annual inspection, general maintenance, equipment upgrades, airframe repairs or major restoration, we professionally complete the work to FAA and our customers specifications. All facets of restoration are done in-house; light and heavy sheet metal fabrication and repairs, aircraft systems, welding, and assembly. We also have recently added a 10,000 sq. ft. facility for long term restoration projects and to better serve our customers needs.

Sanders Aeronautics accepts long term restoration projects for the entire aircraft or components of the aircraft, along with import assemblies, sheet metal restoration projects on antique, classic, warbird, and custom aircraft. We can supply hand formed custom sheet metal parts in tempered condition for those parts which are no longer available or in current production.

Please feel free to Contact Us for information or answers to your aircraft restoration concerns. We look forward to hearing from you.





In-House Machine Shop Facilities



Pratt & Whitney R-2800

Sea Fury Conversion


Goodyear FG-1D Corsair

Sanders Aeronautics


Hawker Sea Fury T Mk.20



Hawker Sea Fury FB.11

R-2800 Project


Hawker Sea Fury T Mk.20

Sanders Aeronautics


Hawker Sea Fury FB.11

Sea Fury Project


Hawker Sea Fury T Mk.20

Dwelle Family


Hawker Sea Fury FB.11

Walt Bowe


Messerschmitt Me 262

Collings Foundation


Naval Aircraft Factory N3N

Sanders Aeronautics


Beechcraft Super H18

Peter McMillan


Hawker Sea Fury T Mk.20




Fiat G-59-4B

Guido Zuccoli


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