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Pratt & Whitney R-2800

Sea Fury Conversion

Sanders Aeronautics, Inc. specializes in Airborne Self-Contained Smoke Generator Systems and is an industry leader in all aspects of Aircraft Restoration and Maintenance. Founded by Frank Sanders in 1970 in Long Beach, the company moved to Chino, California in 1976 and then to their current place of business at Eagles Nest in Ione, California in 1996.

Brothers Brian and Dennis Sanders share in the operation of the company, Brian overseeing the Smoke Generator division (Sanders Smoke Technologies, Inc.) and Dennis the Restoration division.

The Sanders family are also well known throughout the warbird industry as the "Sea Fury Kings" and have been an air racing dynasty at the National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nevada, where they have successfully raced their Sea Furies "Dreadnought" and "Argonaut".

Sanders Aeronautics is the first to install the Pratt & Whitney R-2800 CB16/CB3, well known for its outstanding record of dependability, on the Sea Fury and are now offering conversion kits or in house conversions/restorations of the Sea Fury to Pratt & Whitney R-2800 power.

One Second on the Course with Dreadnought


The Smokewinder®, an airborne self-contained smoke generator, was developed by Sanders Smoke Technologies, Inc. to fill the need for a smoke system that is independent of the engine influence and location. The Smokewinder® has greatly expanded the application and scope to which smoke may be used in aircraft operation.

Aircraft outfitted with Smokewinders include:

F-15 | F-16 | YF-17 | F-18 | F-20
A-4 | F-5 | Hawk 100/200 | Gripen Mirage 2000 | Rafale | Taiwan IDF Eurofighter | MiG-29 | L-159
M-346 | T-50 | HAL Tejas (LCA)


Aircraft Restoration Services

Sanders Aeronautics, Inc. has a dedicated staff with over 35 years of experience to serve your warbird and vintage aircraft restoration and maintenance needs. Whether its an annual inspection, general maintenance, equipment upgrades, airframe repairs or major restoration, we professionally complete the work to FAA and our customers specifications. All facets of restoration are done in-house; light and heavy sheet metal fabrication and repairs, aircraft systems, welding, and assembly. We have also added a 10,000 sq. ft. facility for long term restoration projects and to better serve our customers needs.




The Self-Contained Smoke Generator SCSG-5A is an inert smoke system developed by Sanders Smoke Technologies, Inc. to operate from an aircraft equipped with a standard
14-inch bomb rack mount. The smoke generator is not a weapon; it only produces inert smoke. Ease of operation is one of the special features of this system.

Aircraft outfitted with the SCSG-5A include:

 B-747 | B-727 | BA Hawk 200 | A-4 Tucano | T-33 | F-16 | Orlik | Tornado
MiG 17 | PC7 & PC9 | Saab Viggen Sikorsky Helicopter | MB-339
MB-326 | Agusta S211 | Casa 101
Bell AH-1 Cobra



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